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Contemporary Tattoos For All Bodies and Skin Tones


Who We are

Fozi Tattoo is a full-service tattoo Studio. Our artists work with you to create a design you are happy with and that represents who you are. First-timers won't feel embarrassed or intimidated here because everyone gets the same excellent service.

A tattoo is not just a part of your body but a piece of your soul. 


At Fozi tattoo, we understand how important a tattoo is to you. We help you cherish and celebrate a part of you with incredibly individualistic and unique tattoos that perfectly reflects who you are. 


We promise you a safe, comfortable and memorable experience. Our team of well trained tattoo artists are passionate and committed to get you your perfect tattoo. We will stay with you all through your journey, from choosing and designing the right tattoo for you, to providing aftercare advice.

Need more details?  Feel free to contact us and let's talk. 



Our Works

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